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Here’s what we’ve been up to lately.

Summer lovin’ – a sneak peak

Things Jo loves: lists and schedules, green turning arrows, using up spare change, iPhone tetris and eating ice cream with a small spoon (I told you I love lists!) Our bride today was a girl after my own heart and Carlie and Dave’s wedding ran like a...

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Thanks guys

Sixteen hours ago I was sitting at this computer printing out schedules and gear lists for today's wedding, and here I am back in the chair - De ja vu, we meet again! It's been a great day though, and hopefully everything Lucy and Pat wanted it to be. I...

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Claudia and Steve sneak-peek

Driving to today's wedding I was thinking about what Claudia's family, many of them visiting from Columbia, must think of the country that she has made her home. More than that, I wondered what the family members who couldn't make the flight...

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