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Here’s what we’ve been up to lately.

Thanks guys

Sixteen hours ago I was sitting at this computer printing out schedules and gear lists for today's wedding, and here I am back in the chair - De ja vu, we meet again! It's been a great day though, and hopefully everything Lucy and Pat wanted it to be. I...

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Claudia and Steve sneak-peek

Driving to today's wedding I was thinking about what Claudia's family, many of them visiting from Columbia, must think of the country that she has made her home. More than that, I wondered what the family members who couldn't make the flight...

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The luck of the Irish

A few short weeks ago Jo and I took a drive up to Daylesford to meet with Michelle and Gary and run through their final wedding plans. It was lovely to see them, but the pouring rain and grey, grey skies made it difficult for any of us to...

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Double happiness

Fortunately for Annette and Heath, today was a much better day weather-wise. I've always loved the idea of a day-after shoot, but have thought that it would be too much effort to get make-up and hair done again, keep the suit fresh, etc etc....

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I love this job

I love this job. It is sometimes stressful, I sometimes have a sore back/arms/neck/etc from lugging gear around all day, and at the end of a wedding (like right now), I feel a bit like astro-boy when he runs out of power (for those of you who...

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What a catch!

Well it's been a crazy busy October/November for Iain and I with weddings, family portraits and baby shoots. It's been fun, but we are a little behind in the blog posts. Thankfully I have some time now to sit down and write a few words about...

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Ange and Glenn, they’re ready!

I've been really looking forward to this. It always feels good to finish the editing process and see a wedding come together on the screen. I think it's important to get to know our couples before wedding day, and although I didn't know it at the time,...

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