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Just $65 for a happy Mum. Sound good?

Book a $65 Photos-and-Flowers Pack for Mum

Just fill out your details below, and here’s what could happen to you and your mum:

Flowers arrive at Mum’s door

On the Mother’s day weekend there’s a knock at the door, and your mum is surprised to see a delivery of gorgeous flowers from the talented girls at Mordialloc Florist.

“Which of my children thought of this?” she says.

She gets a portrait voucher

She opens up the attached card and finds another surprise; a voucher for a portrait session where she can capture that picture she’s always wanted with the whole family. “This may be the most thoughtful gift I’ve ever received,” she says “and the kid or hubby who chose it is my new favourite.”

She’s a VERY wise woman.

… and a free mounted print

“For the free print included in my voucher, I think I’ll choose one with my new favourite person” she says. A great decision, and well-earned. She’ll also have the opportunity to choose from a range of beautiful pictures and products to make the most of the images we capture together, in a zero-pressure environment.

So, to make sure that’s all clear: Your mum will get flowers delivered to her, along with a voucher for a personalised portrait session with her family and an enlargement of her favourite print, all for just $65. The session could be with her kids, grand-kids, brothers, sisters, parents, anybody really – we’ll chat with you and her to make the perfect plan before the portrait session. If that’s not enough to put you into Mum’s good books for the year, then we’re out of ideas!

Just pop your details below, and we’ll sort Mothers Day out for you.

And of course if you’ve got any questions at all before you book it, you can always call us on 1800 731 243.