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Melbourne’s most personal family photographers … too

We love it when we get to photograph your whole story. Often we start off capturing you as a couple starting out your life together as “Fiances”. After that, hopefully you’ll love your engagement and wedding photos so much that we’ll see you again at future milestones. Kids grow so fast, but we’re there to capture it all for you. After the wedding, we’ve got years to travel all over Melbourne with you for your family portrait photography.

We’re incredibly proud that so many clients have trusted us to become their go-to family photographer above all other options in Melbourne. 

There are so many great locations in Melbourne though, that we never seem to run out. If you’re doing multiple shoots with us over the years, we always try to mix up the locations and also seasons. That way, so you get a consistent aesthetic and lots of variety throughout your family’s story.

We photograph weddings and family portraits in a similar way, always keeping it natural, real and story-based. To avoid confusion, we’ve given our family portraits a separate website and even a new name; Hugster Family Photography.

Hugster began as a small part of “Iain and Jo We Tell Love Stories“, but it’s now grown up and moved out into it’s own place. We’re very proud of Hugster, and hope you’ll go and visit her new digs at

Here are a few examples of recent family portrait sessions all over Melbourne.