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Here’s what we’ve been up to lately.

Neda and Marc’s Quat Quatta Wedding

The year nine teachers at McKinnon Secondary College back in 2003 probably had no idea that a true love story was developing in front of their very eyes. After all, despite passing notes in class, copying each other’s exam answers and forging parent’s signatures for...

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Danni and Alan’s Willows Wedding

Hands up who knew there are actually two Belgian Beer Cafes in Melbourne? Danni certainly didn’t and this vital piece of information meant she very nearly didn’t meet the love of her life! Danni and Alan met online and planned to meet each other for the first time at...

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Samantha and John’s Ballara Wedding

In the morning, as we drive to the first house to start a wedding day, Iain and I have a pre-game ritual. To get into the zone, we like to think about the sequence of events that brought these two people together on their wedding day. So often there’s many twists of...

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