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Here’s what we’ve been up to lately.

A big (for us) Greek wedding..

According to Kellie and George, their wedding wasn't actually all that big by Greek standards, but that didn't stop the comparisons to the movie or to my name-sake (kind-of) Ian Miller. After spending the whole day trying to learn to say...

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Thanks Kellie and George!

Today Jo and I were welcomed into the Bollas and Christodoulou families like long-lost cousins, and shared in a wedding celebration that we'll remember for a long time. We started the day with Betty (Kellie's sister and bridesmaid) telling us to treat...

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An elegant afternoon

Earlier this afternoon, while 50,000 people were heading to the MCG, approximately 60 close friends and family made their way to Treasury Gardens for something quite different. In amongst the trees, and almost under the shadow of the CBD skyline, Claire...

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Tam’s Big Wynne

All the shots from today's fantastic wedding in Black Rock are all doubly backed up and safe, so I'm off to bed. It was a real pleasure working with Tam, Ben, their bridal party and families, from the stylish Olsen Hotel in the afternoon, to the...

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Louisa and Wayne at Werribee Park

I'm very pleased to be able to share these pictures with you. It's been really nice getting to know these guys during their wedding planning and spending the day with them at the Mansion Hotel and Spa at Werribee Park, and out of this has come a set of...

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Thank you Louisa and Wayne

When Trudi first mentioned her friend's wedding on Feb 19 I initially said "no way - we have a baby due that week". Then she concocted a plan whereby Jo would book a c-section on the 10th and we could both be at the wedding. No again - as much as we wanted...

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Julia and Michael … thank-you

Julia and Michael have been through a lot to reach today together, spending time living not only apart but on opposite sides of the globe. But it was very clear today that it has been worth it, and although Michael's decision to settle in Australia must...

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