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Being a travel agent, Nicole has been to lots of amazing cities around the world, but there’s no doubt that Venice will always be the most romantic place… it’s where Joel proposed.

The pair had already been to Milan and Verona on their Italian adventure, but Nicole immediately fell in love with magical Venice.

After taking a gondola ride, where Joel kept his hand in his jacket pocket the entire time, terrified that the ring box would fall out, the pair stopped on a tiny pier to watch the boats go by.

The pier was so tiny, they had to stand on it single file. After chatting for a while in the beautiful location, Nicole could suddenly feel Joel’s heart thumping through her back.

After saying some beautiful things, Nicole turned around to see Joel on one knee asking her to be his wife.

“I immediately burst into tears, so I’m crying and he’s crying … then my entire body started shaking and I couldn’t move because I thought I was going to fall in! So he had to carry me off the bridge.”