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When Jade suggested they go to Daylesford for the weekend to celebrate their anniversary, she had no idea that Michael had already organised to have his surprise proposal photographed… in Melbourne.

He didn’t want Jade to catch on, so he cancelled his plans and decided to just go with the flow and find an opportunity once they got to Daylesford.

Michael took the ring to their fancy Friday night dinner at Sault restaurant but it was pouring with rain outside, so it didn’t feel like the right time.

The following day they went to the Lavender Farm only to discover they weren’t in bloom, luckily there was a beautiful, quiet rose garden nearby.

On the pretence of asking Jade to pose for a photo smelling the roses, Michael got down on one knee and asked her to turn around.

“She said, ‘I can’t turn around and smell the rose at the same time!’ but she finally turned around and I did it. In typical Jade fashion, she was stubborn to the last minute, but it was lovely and I think it worked out well.”