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The night before their anniversary, Callum decided to give Tyf his present early. She was thrilled to receive some cool gamer t-shirts and a Rick and Morty ice cube tray.

When Tyf handed over her present, she didn’t let go of the box until she had Callum’s full attention. She said, “I love you. This is really important.”

Callum opened the box to see a small model of a F100 1953 Step side American ute – the dream car that he wanted to restore one day. On closer inspection, he discovered a tungsten ring in the back of the car.

To propose, Tyf had prepared what she wanted to say: “You’re incredible and you’ve made me feel strong enough to be my own person but also strong enough to recognise that I want you. I don’t need you, but I want you to be the person with me forever.”

“And if you would let me, I would love to love and support you in your dreams for the rest of our lives.”