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Amanda and Cameron’s proposal story started when the Canadian pair first moved to Australia. Excited about their new adventure, they landed in Sydney but the crowds quickly had them seriously questioning their decision to relocate.

That was until a hike in the Blue Mountains led them to the most beautiful, secluded waterfall. They both agree it was the first time they were truly happy in their new home country.

“It’s called the Pool of Siloam, it’s a well known walk now that we know about it. When we found it, it was just amazing and we stayed for an hour and took a lot of pictures.”

After buying a ring and planning to propose for two years, Cameron decided to return to the same waterfall. But instead of setting up for a selfie, this time he set up a video to capture the moment he proposed to a stunned Amanda.

“I didn’t expect it that day so I was so surprised. I was just standing there like a deer in headlights and he said, you have to say something! I just nodded.”