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It was years earlier while in Prague on a family European holiday that Adrian realised he desperately missed Prantee and he couldn’t live without her.

“I called her in the middle of the night and professed my love and said if I am ever going to propose, it will be here. That was the moment that it all came together for me.”

It took another four years to return to Prague so Adrian could pop the question, this time joined by a group of close friends who had secretly flown in for the occasion.

When they arrived in Prague it was bucketing down with rain, but Adrian was adamant they take a walk. Just off Charles Bridge in a little park, Adrian said he had a slideshow video that Google had automatically created for them.

As Prantee watched the photos of their past 8 years together, she wondered how Google knew their favourite song. Then after about a minute of the video, she got suspicious and started crying.

“I turned to him and he said some lovely things. Then he was on his knee with the ring that I have been bugging him about for the last 5 years.”