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Natalie and Lachlan first met when they were both living in the Canadian ski town of Whistler, so when it came to the proposal, it made sense to choose another famous ski resort town.

Nat worked in the coffee shop and Lachlan worked next door in ski rental. She had a big crush on him and joked with her friends he was her Superman because he looked like Clark Kent.

Lachlan knew within months of the relationship that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Nat, so once they moved to Melbourne together, he started planning.

An upcoming week-long Queenstown holiday fit the bill. The second morning they got up early and hiked up Queenstown hill.

“We were standing at the top, taking in the view and he just started talking. I soon clicked in my head what was happening, and I think I blacked out, I thought holy crap this is it!”