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Ok, poor little Amelia’s turn. Everybody always tells me she must be the most photographed kid on the planet, but sadly it’s really not true. True, daddy is a photographer, but daddy also tends  to spend more time photographing other people’s families than my own (that will be the last time I call myself daddy – it was a bit weird wasn’t it!).

Amelia isn’t really old enough to be jealous, so it was probably a bit more about me than her. I actually found myself looking at a client’s prints recently and thinking ‘I wish I had something like that’, so like the guy in the iSelect ad, I called myself up and booked a portrait shoot! We had a sunday afternoon free, so Jo and I filled the boot with Amelia’s favourite things and headed down to a local park with our little model.

It was also a chance for me to familiarise myself with a few new toys, but I’ll keep the camera-nerd stuff for a separate blog post.

… and this was a few hours later, giggling with Jo before a very worn out little girl collapsed into bed.