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When we planned a photo shoot in the park for Ilona, Nick and their girls, we didn’t expect it to reach 38 degrees on the day we’d picked, but at 7am when we were shooting it was hard to imagine the weather would be anything less than perfect all day. We also didn’t expect the trees in the park to start turning in February, so although I’d love to say we planned the beautiful Autumn colours in the family shot below, I have to admit that it was really just a very lucky break.

The pictures below came from a little walk around the park, led by 2-year-old Nina as she showed us all her favourite spots including the playground, the cricket oval and the nets. Guys, thanks for introducing me to the family. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Mum and dad with kids

Dad and Son

Parents walking baby girl

Cute Little Baby

Mum and Girl

Black and White photo of a Girl

Baby Girl and Dad