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I was adding up the years and realised that Allie and I have been friends for 22 years! From practically living at her Black Rock house during our high school years, to our uni days where she can be credited as getting Iain and I together, to bridesmaids at each others weddings and now…. we might live in different states, but our biggest joy is watching our kids play happily together every time we catch up, even if Amelia and Elspeth’s “sleepover parties” can get a little rowdy!

With such a close connection, it was such an absolute pleasure to capture some priceless memories of the beautiful family for Allie’s mum earlier this year at Black Rock beach. The light was amazing but what was even more amazing was that everyone dragged themselves out of bed and scrubbed up so well for the early morning shoot, especially with two little girls in tow – we are very impressed… I think Elspeth and Genevieve could definitely teach Amelia a thing or two :)