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Driving to today’s wedding I was thinking about what Claudia’s family, many of them visiting from Columbia, must think of the country that she has made her home. More than that, I wondered what the family members who couldn’t make the flight will think of Melbourne when they see the pictures back in Bogota. The weather today was as good as it gets here, so I really wanted to feature the sun in the pictures and proudly show off my home city and the beautiful location that Claudia and Steve chose for their wedding (Yarra Yarra golf club – I’ve driven past it a million times but didn’t know what was in there – it’s stunning).

There will be many more pictures to come, so please check back here or ‘like’ our facebook page if you’d like us to let you know when they’re ready. For now, I’ve had a quick look through them and here’s the first shot I’d like to share with you.

And now some dodgy spanish for the Rocha family (Claudia, please apologise on my behalf if I’ve said anything horribly wrong!). My apologies to the Zimaris family – I don’t know a word of Greek!

Gracias a todos por haciendo un dia perfecta por Claudia y Steve, y por sonriendo a la camera por yo! Mucho gusto a todos, y espero que ustedes gustar los fotos. Espero que se traeres de vuelta recuerdos felicidades por muchos tiempo.

Vamos a compartir muchas mas fotos pronto. Entonces, por favor mirar aqui otro vez o ‘like’ nuestra pagina de facebook y vamos a dicen cuando son listo. Por ahorita, aqui tiene un de mis favoritos (mirar abajo). (Lo siento si mi Espanol no es correcto)