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I sat down this morning to pick my favourite 5-10 pictures from Goran and Rose’s beautiful wedding and ended up with twenty six (and that’s just my favourites – there’s many more coming soon)! So, as I’m going to bombard you with photos a bit, I promise I’ll keep the writing to a minimum.

Goran and Rose, we wish you both the absolute best in your life and marriage. The ability to make each other laugh and smile is such an important thing to find in a partner, and you’ve certainly found that in each other. From our first meeting to our catch-up prior to your wedding, right through to yesterday, I still don’t think I’ve seen either of you without a smile on your faces!

For everybody else, if you’d like us to let you know when the rest of the photos are ready, just ‘like’ our facebook page, or send us an email. It was lovely to meet you all, and I hope we bump into you again at a wedding sometime soon!