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This whole story really started many years ago with the love stories of your parents, so we’re here to help them get some beautiful photos too, whether that’s from your engagement portrait session or your wedding. Here’s a few popular options for parents:

  1. Parent albums. We have lots of options for parents starting at $690 for a mini copy of your album or $990 for a custom album. Most parents tell us that they’d prefer to choose their favourite photos for the album rather than being limited to your favourites, but copy albums can also be great if you’d love your parents to have an album but it’s not possible for them to meet with us to design their own.
  2. Wall art. There’s a huge range of options for your walls. Canvas wraps, framed prints or wood prints are all available, with individual prints starting at $470 and collections from $1470.
  3. Mounted prints. Smaller, mounted prints, ready to frame or display on an easel in your parents home are available in two sizes. Prices start at $290 for individuals or $1170 for collections.

You can either choose on your parents’ behalf or they can schedule a time to come and see the photos for themselves at this link.