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Yes, of course. Most of our couples want to show off their photos online and for us to show them off too, but if this isn’t you, that’s absolutely ok. Some of our all-time favourite photos aren’t on this website, and although we’d of course love to share them, we absolutely respect the privacy of the lovely people in them.

Just let us know, we’ll have a chat about the level of privacy you need and what sharing you’d like (if any) of the photos, and we’ll make it happen. For example, you might still like us to write a blog post but to password-protect it for you, you might be happy to have photos without your faces in them on social media, or you may just not want any photos shared online at all. Either way, your file will be marked in big capital letters so that we can’t easily forget our privacy chat, and the photos will be archived separately to our ‘shareable’ image library so that no pictures can accidentally be used in the website or any of our other marketing.