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We did have one, but we decided to put a simple-but-gorgeous Queensberry album in it. The cost of that album now comes straight out of our pockets but it’s the best decision we ever made. You can choose not to have the album, but because we didn’t put the price up when we added the album, we can’t put the price down for taking it out, sorry.

It happened one slightly-sleepy Sunday after a massive wedding. Jo and I had bumped into some clients at the wedding – we’d photographed them a few years earlier and their recommendation was actually the reason that we’d been hired by their friends, because they’re an awesome pair of humans. They told us they’d been planning to design their own album for FIVE YEARS and hadn’t gotten around to it! Sadly, they were kinda resigned to the fact that life had gotten in the way and the album would never happen now. The thing is, they weren’t the first couple to tell us the same story.

After years of shooting weddings, we know from experience that if you don’t get an album at the time, it’s about as likely to actually happen as the other things currently sitting on the very bottom of your long-and-growing “to do one day” list. When you do get a moment to relax, we want you to be able to spend it enjoying your beautiful wedding album together rather than looking through your files as a chore to get them turned into an album design.

We believe that every couple deserves an album and if you’re paying us to photograph your wedding, we feel responsible for finishing the job and creating the beautiful album we know we can make for you. So, rather than trying to convince you that you deserve an album, we decided to show you by giving one to you. Enjoy!