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Just as the best wedding videographers focus on what they do best, we believe in doing one thing extremely well. By focusing on still photography only, we can specialise in capturing individual moments within the chaos, editing your images beautifully and presenting them in world-class albums and frames.

Although photography and videography use similar equipment, they require a very different way of thinking and of looking at a scene. We get that a combined video and photography package would look great on an ad, but we also know that we couldn’t do as good a job on your photography if we spent half our time thinking about video and audio. When we thought it about it like that, the decision wasn’t very hard at all.

If video is important to you, we can recommend some great videographers to fit a range of budgets, and if you’d prefer to find your own we’re also happy to load you up with a few questions to ask to make sure they’re a good match for you.