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We have a full-time editor on our team, so we’re able to provide more editing than most studios, and our philosophy is to keep it natural unless you request specific edits.

Unfortunately we do have to put some limits on image editing as it’s a very time-intensive task, but read on, and I think you’ll be happy..

Every image on your USB will be colour-corrected and individually reviewed for sharpness, contrast, brightness and other general editing before you see them.This is rare, takes a lot of time and is absolutely worth it as it means that your images will look great together as a set.

To make sure that your printed products (e.g., album, wall art etc) are absolutely beautiful, we cover the full cost of standard edits on any images included in those printed products. These are your favourite images, so it makes sense to spend more time getting them perfect for you, and the edits we apply for your album will also appear on your USB. (Almost every request we get is considered “standard” by the way!)

Standard edits are also available for any of your other images at $10/image or we can provide a quote for any edits likely to take more than 1 hour each.