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For a 100% unbiased answer to this question, just google “iain and jo reviews” and read what our couples have written about us. Often the photos themselves are only a small part of the review.

Ok, now for the biased version! There are a few things we do which we know are unusual, so I’ll start with those:

  • Our pictures are all about capturing personality and relationships, and not about star jumps or weird poses (although we’ll teach you some simple tricks to look great in the more formal photos too). One thing you might notice on our website is that everybody looks calm, relaxed and natural. That’s no coincidence – it comes from the time we spend with our couples before we photograph them, Iain’s calm, smiley personality and also the sneaky tricks he uses when he’s shooting to get you focused on each other and not on the camera.
  • We’re a bit slow. Rather than saying “everybody laugh now” and quickly taking a photo, we’re always looking for the real, genuine laughs, smiles and other expressions which can take a little longer to brew. But it’s worth spending a little extra time to capture something real, right? For example, we might quiz your bridal party about the two of you or ask you both to make up a series of silly new names for each other, and then step back and capture the fallout! All of that takes longer than “everybody laugh now”, but we’d rather give you a smaller number of meaningful pictures than a big pile of unremarkable ones. 
  • Jo. Every photographer should have a Jo, she doesn’t take any pictures but if you read our reviews, you’ll notice that most of them are about her. Aside from being your “extra bridesmaid” on the wedding day, she’ll also interview you both before the wedding, and the little golden nuggets of info she extracts from you on the phone are the secret sauce in our photography. Imagine the difference between a photo where you’ve been told to smile versus one where we’ve just quoted something lovely your husband told us about you.
  • Albums. We’re not the only photographers to make albums, and we’re not the only ones to use Queensberry either, but I don’t know of anybody who invests the same amount of time into designing their albums or refining those designs with their couples. We believe that everybody deserves an album, so all of our packages include one. Queensberry was an easy choice, because we honestly think that they make the world’s best albums, and you’re only doing this once, so we want you to have the best.
  • We’ll take the stress out of your day long before it even starts. Right from our first meeting, we’ll guide you on scheduling your day to remove the stress from it. This helps you get great photos, but it also makes for a much more enjoyable wedding day too.