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Jo is your extra bridesmaid and our lighting assistant, spending about half of her time helping you feel great and the other half helping you look great! She’ll ensure that your family photos are as smooth and organised as possible, so that no photos are missed and none of your time is wasted on unplanned extras that you don’t want. During the shoot, she’s our second pair of eyes to make sure that that the dress looks it’s best and a timekeeper so that you don’t have to worry about the time.

Here are a few other things she’s done:

  • bottle-fed babies so that their mums (usually bridesmaids) can be in photos. She actually kinda likes that job!
  • expertly untangled a big stick from a bride’s dress while she was walking down the aisle unaware of the whole thing,
  • stopped countless relatives from leaving the ceremony before they’re due to be in family photos
  • helped brides into their dresses
  • stopped traffic for photos
  • and a lot more

She was also a journalist for ten years before joining the studio full time, interviewing politicians, actors, musicians, inventors and everybody in between. These days, she interviews our couples to find the heart of your story and help us bring it to life in your photos.