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An unplugged wedding is where you politely ask guests to put their cameras and phones away during the ceremony. There are a few reasons you might want to consider it for your wedding:

  1. Your favourite people in the world can be 100% present in the moment during your ceremony. There’s just no question that your guests will feel more emotionally connected to what’s happening in front of them if they’re not focused on trying to capture it, choosing the right insta filter or moving around to get the best angle.
  2. You’ll be able to see your guests faces on the day and also in your photos. Some of our favourite ceremony photos have been taken of the reactions of family and friends, so it’s really sad when we can’t see or capture those reactions for you because they’re hidden behind a big ipad.
  3. You can announce your marriage on social media with one great photo before it’s flooded with photos from everybody else, many of which might have been shot from unflattering angles or in bad light.

If that all sounds good to you, the next thing to consider is how to present the idea in a way that your guests will understand. Some of your guests will be disappointed not to be able to take pictures during the ceremony, so let them know that the reason you’re asking is because you want to be able to see their face and experience the event, in the moment, together. A quick google of the words “unplugged wedding wording” or “unplugged wedding sign” will give you lots of ideas on how to word it politely and lovingly. Here’s one that we liked: “We invite you to be fully present during our ceremony by turning off your phones and cameras. We promise to share all of the photos from this very special day”. If you put that in the invitation, a lawn-sign at the ceremony and then also ask your celebrant or priest to ask guests to turn off their phones and cameras for the ceremony, that should do the trick!