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James was clearly floored when he saw his gorgeous bride enter the room at Doyles Mordialloc to begin their ceremony. And he returned the favour when to Dannii’s complete surprise, two guitarists who he’d stashed in the seats started playing during the ceremony, and their accomplice stood and started to sing:

“Give your heart and soul to me 

And life will always be 

La vie en rose”

It had been a perfect ceremony, and that was the perfect ending. Guys of Australia, I’m sorry to tell you but the bar has been lifted. Dannii had also arranged a surprise of her own, organising for James to arrive to their wedding in his favourite car (a ’69 Mustang called Sally, from Sweet Ride Mustangs), so I guess they were even.

The rain fell just as we started off for a photo shoot, but thanks to James, Dannii, Jodie, Kellie, Rhys and Cam (and my lovely wife Jo) this didn’t really even slow us down. We got our payoff for braving the weather with some crazy clouds and amazing just-after-the-rain light by the time we got down to the beach, and nobody else was mad enough to be down there so we had it to ourselves – perfect!

We knocked on Dannii’s door at 11.30am this morning and she was laughing. I’ve just finished backing up all of the images, it’s nearly 2.30am and I can almost guarantee she’s still laughing somewhere. I get the feeling she’s kinda happy about marrying James :)

Here are a few of my favourite pictures from today, and there’s a lot more to come. If you’d like to be told as soon as the rest are ready, just send us an email or ‘like’ our facebook page.

If you’re wondering where Dannii got these incredible flowers, it was Megan and her team at Mordialloc Florist.