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We’re all busy, busy, busy these days with family and friend commitments, house maintenance, holidays to plan and a to-do list that never ends. But it’s so important to take a break from the everyday to focus on the most important relationships in your life and the incredible family you’ve created.

Here’s a challenge, put aside just ten minutes as a family each day – whether it’s as soon as you get home from school, straight after a bath or even during breakfast – to create some meaningful moments for your family.

Who knows, it might even make the kids put on their shoes quicker or allow you to brush their hair!


1.The Crazy Name game: Take it in turns making up new names for each other, the sillier the better. The only rules are the names aren’t allowed to be mean, you can’t use any name twice and don’t over-think it.

2. Adventures: Plan a special outing for your family – something you know will light up their faces – that’s happening sometime within the next three months.

3. Pride: Put a notepad on the fridge and make a quick note whenever somebody in the household feels proud. It might be that they’re proud of their own achievement or proud of another member of the family. At the end of the week, read the list out loud.

4. Kids rule: Have the children plan out an amazing family date and make it happen. Guide them in their decisions for the sake of practicality and safety, but otherwise be as encouraging and supportive as possible of their ideas on what to do, where to go and where to eat.

5. Gratitude: Have each member of the family write or draw a note to each other family member, expressing one thing they are most grateful for about that person.


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