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When it comes to elaborate marriage proposals, sometimes it’s best to just keep it simple. Geraldo had spent months trying to think of the most meaningful way to ask Lia to marry him. With an upcoming Europe trip planned, he concocted an amazing plan. He would pop the question during a surprise picnic set among the beautiful cherry blossoms on his grandfather’s farm in a small village in Albania. But cherry blossom season runs for just two short weeks and when their travel dates changed, that plan was scrapped.

So Geraldo carried the ring around Europe, barely enjoying himself because he was always wondering when to do it. It was during a visit to a winery in Tuscany that Geraldo was suddenly hit with a bolt of inspiration.

“Lia was playing with the winery dog and I just saw us back in Melbourne playing with our puppies and hanging out. That is how simple we are, that is what makes us connect. Why do I have to make this proposal into this perfect moment? It doesn’t have to be complicated.”

Geraldo promptly got the ring from its hiding place in his bag and asked Lia to close her eyes and picture the two of them being together for the rest of their lives. Then he asked her to marry him and the rest is history.

For their engagement session earlier this year we went to Lia’s parents’ property in Foster which proved to be well worth the drive. It was a spectacular location and so meaningful to both Lia and Geraldo, which always results in beautiful photos!

Hug from behind
Happy couple
Couple Looking At Each Other
Outdoor Engagement Session
Couple in the field
Cute Engagement Photo