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If you’re married, you’ll know that it’s pretty hard to organise one wedding, right? Hunting down the perfect dress, location, bridal party and celebrant are hard enough without also thinking about details like flowers, cufflinks and the list goes on and on. Add to all of that a ceremony in two parts; celebrating two cultures in very different ways, in two different rooms, in two different changes of clothes, and you have the monstrous task which lay ahead of Lucy and Pat when we first met them.

The next time we met was about six weeks before the wedding, scouting out photo locations together around Daylesford and discussing final details for the schedule and the shoot. By this stage their long list of wedding jobs had obviously all been sorted, because the guys had moved on to thinking about props for their shoot, and had some great ideas which I’m still amazed that they had the energy left to see through!

Sometimes everything just falls into place and sometimes people make sure it does. Lucy and Pat’s wedding was a combination of those two, and if you look carefully you can see it in the photos. The details like Lucy’s flowers and parasols were gorgeous and were picked to match the theme of the day perfectly, but Lucy’s tears as she walked down the aisle with her dad show what it was really all about.

Photo of Cufflinks and groom

Beautiful Bride in Gown

Congratulations to the newly weds

Outdoor Bridal Party

Black and White Wedding Photography

First Dance of Newly Weds