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Rochelle and Jesse vaguely knew each other through a mutual friend for years but never properly met, so it was just really crappy timing that they finally hit it off only weeks before Rochelle had booked to go to Europe for five months! With this in mind, they both decided to treat the new relationship as just a fling, but in their hearts they both knew it was something more.

“I remember getting on the plane thinking, what the hell am I doing leaving this amazing guy; why am I getting on this plane? I remember feeling really sad.”

While Rochelle was away, they spoke every single day and after 6 weeks, Jesse offered to come over for a visit as nonchalantly as he could muster…. in reality he didn’t even have a passport! The pair traveled together for three weeks through London, Spain, Portugal and Germany, before they made their relationship official.

It’s been a whirlwind few years, including an epic surprise proposal in Mexico, for this couple who clearly adore each other:

“Jesse is one of the kindest people I have ever met; he will always put other people above himself. And he always makes me laugh; even the dullest of moments can be really fun when I am with him.”

It was just a couple of months into their relationship, when Jesse said to a mate that he was going to marry this girl one day.

I love everything about her. She is a great girl and has a massive heart in everything she does in life. She is so friendly; she is strong willed; she is just pretty amazing person.

That day he married the girl of his dreams came last weekend when Rochelle and Jesse declared their love and commitment in front of their family and friends at Brighton Savoy. We braved the wind (and surprising number of tourists) to take some photos on Brighton beach in front of the iconic beach boxes, before heading back to the Savoy for the real party. Full credit to the guests who packed the dance floor just moments after Rochelle and Jesse had finished their first dance, these guys certainly know how to party!

Rochelle and Jesse – it’s been an absolute pleasure working with you guys. We hope you have a wonderful honeymoon in the Maldives and Thailand (so jealous!)

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Rochelle and Jesse’s Dream Team: Ceremony and Reception: Brighton Savoy | Makeup: Zoe O’Meara Make up Artistry | Hair stylist: Ixi-Z Hair and Beauty | Celebrant: Wendy Does Weddings | Flowers: Melbourne Bridal Rose | Cake: Flayva Foods | Ceremony styling: Circle of Love | Chauffeur: Classic Cruzin Limousines | Dress: Raffale Ciuca | Bridesmaids dresses: Forever New | Entertainment: Melbourne Entertainment Co | Photo booth: In the Booth | Videographer: Wedding Movies