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In the leadup to a wedding, if the weather report isn’t looking great we often get asked whether I’m willing to take my camera out into the rain. My standard response until a few weeks ago was to say that I hadn’t yet met a couple who were willing to go somewhere on their wedding day that I wouldn’t take my camera. I now have.

When we caught up with Nathan and Billie a few weeks before the wedding to finalise their shoot locations and discuss their plans, Nathan actually asked the question; I said yes and gave him my normal answer, not realising that I was issuing a personal challenge! About half an hour later we found ourselves at Macedon train station with me trying to talk them out of getting down onto the tracks for a picture, when an express train came flying around the corner and disappeared over the horizon at what seemed to be about two million kms per hour. So now, when people ask, I’ll say “I’ve only ever met one couple that ….”

It’s an absolute pleasure to share our pictures from Nathan and Sarah’s (or Billie, as most people know her) wedding. I like to let the pictures speak for themselves so I won’t write too much here, other than to say it was a great day. The second last photo won’t make sense if you weren’t there, but I still like it anyway (and I’m happy to leave it as a mystery!)

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