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Blame Hollywood movies or tv sitcoms but most young guys would admit to telling a white lie or bending the truth a little in order to get a girl to notice them. For Justin, it was at a friend’s 21st birthday party when his mate decided they should pretend to be pilots to impress a pair of girls. Justin approached a girl sitting at the kitchen bench, blowing bubbles and started chatting. It wasn’t long into the conversation when Stefania asked the inevitable question, “so what do you do for a job?”

“By this stage I was pretty blown away by her and I remember thinking in my head, this girl could end up being your wife and you don’t want the first thing you tell her to be a lie…. so I cracked and told her the truth that I was a mechanic.”

While his friend was less than impressed, Justin’s intuition was right and now four years later he is engaged to the girl of his dreams. Who knew that a car-crazy mechanic and a musical theatre lover would make such a good match, but they obviously do.

It was clear from our engagement session with these guys at Safety Beach in Dromana (a special place for them) that they are meant to be. They are just so affectionate and lovely with each other, it was an absolute pleasure to have them in front of our camera and design an incredibly special reception signing book together.

From here all they have to do is plan the wedding and the rest of their lives together, and Stefania can’t wait:

“There’s not one inch of fear there at all. I can picture our lives together. I can picture the kids running around with dad out in the garage working on his Monaro.”