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From Iain Sim Photography - thankyou to all of the lovely brides, grooms, mums, dads and kids who we've photographed over the years.

When our little community of facebook ‘likers’ reached 500 not very long ago, we had intended to run a competition. We were too busy taking photos, making prints/albums etc at the time (I’m sure we can find more feeble excuses too if we think harder!) and 500 came and went before we got around to it. We also promised there would be some kind of prizes at 600 and I’ve just noticed that we’re nearly there, so this time IT’S ON!!!

Here it is:

  • When the 600th person hits our little ‘like’ button, I’ll post a status about it on our facebook page.
  • On the day that it happens, we will make NO MENTION AT ALL of this competition. That way we can reward those of you who follow our posts regularly by giving you a head-start on the prize. Don’t worry, we’ll plug it a few times before then :)
  • Winners will be chosen from the first 20 people who click ‘like’ on the post or on our page after the announcement.

The prizes:

  • Of the 20 entrants, one will be selected at random to win a $100 voucher for a date night at Chin Chin, our favourite restaurant (at the moment, it changes).
  • The first 10 will receive an Iain Sim Photography portrait voucher valued at $400 each! These vouchers will be transferable, so you can either keep it for yourself or gift it on to somebody special to you.

The fine print:

  • Cheating is highly encouraged, but please keep it clean. Sending us a text message or email when you see it hit 600 would be one good way (that way you’ll know when our status is going up) or telling your friends to hit ‘like’ on the page so that you know when it will be reached is another good way.
  • Jo and I will choose the winners based on a highly unscientific and maybe-slightly-unreliable method (probably a hat and some paper will be involved). Facebook doesn’t give very clear information on the order that people hit ‘like’, so we’ll do our best to keep it fair but can’t make any big promises.

Good luck!!