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A few short weeks ago Jo and I took a drive up to Daylesford to meet with Michelle and Gary and run through their final wedding plans. It was lovely to see them, but the pouring rain and grey, grey skies made it difficult for any of us to really imagine an outdoor wedding actually happening there. “Ok, so we’ll have seven umbrellas and if you sprint down the aisle you can shelter under that tree together…”. We generally have these meetings at a similar time of day to the wedding so that we can get a good idea of where the sun will be, but on that day there basically wasn’t any.

When we arrived for the wedding yesterday, we knew it was going to be quite different.

I’ve always had a soft spot for the Irish and for Kiwis (perhaps a ‘proper’ aussie shouldn’t really admit that, but the only sport I follow is soccer so I’ve never felt the pain of a rugby or cricket defeat!), and the bridal party kept us laughing almost too much (it’s hard to hold the camera steady when their are four irishmen behind you heckling the groom).

It was a perfect day, and all of Michelle and Gary’s planning came together brilliantly. I’ll share more with the rest of the photos, but will just say I’ve never seen a reception entrance quite like this one!

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