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If I said to you “An Irishman and a Sri Lankan walk into a bar in New Zealand….” you might be excused for thinking there’s a punchline and some groans on the way, but it’s actually the story of how a couple met at a trivia night, hit it off, and six years later found themselves walking down the aisle to become man and wife.

Although Tony was a little outnumbered by Niluka’s family today, Tony’s clan held their own party on the other side of the world and sent their wishes via video message (including a few acoustic numbers) which gave the reception very much an Irish flavour.

On another note, it was great to shoot another wedding at Bram Leigh and also congratulate them in person on their two ABIA wins earlier this week for Best Ceremony Venue and Best Function Coordinator. Based on today’s beautiful garden ceremony and attentive staff members, they were much-deserved wins.

All the best Tony and Niluka for a wonderful married life together. Here are a few of my favourite pictures from today, and we’ll have more to show you after your honeymoon.

Celebrant David Evans overseeing a tender moment during the ceremony.