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If you can manage to look at Val’s smile in these pictures without smiling right back at her, then you are officially having a bad day.

Maybe she smiles like that every day, but I think it might have had something to do with Rohan, the sun shining on her wedding day, the support of her “blonde sisters” as bridesmaids or the presence of family all the way from Brazil to help her celebrate.

And so, with the sun peeping through the trees, a guy from Tassie married a girl who grew up on a farm in Brazil, in a beautiful, romantic ceremony at The Gables in East Malvern.

We love all-in-one locations like The Gables and so do the guests – all they have to do is sip champagne and nibble canapes as we leisurely wander around the beautiful gardens and through the historic house for some photos. Although I’ll admit it now, it was a little daunting taking on the job of looking out for cars as we took some shots in the middle of the road!

The seven-piece latin band kicked in after a beautiful first dance for Val and Rohan, and suddenly there was a lot more of Brazil in the room. We’re not good enough dancers to really even know whether this bunch were putting years of dance lessons to use or if it was just a combination of alcohol and confidence, but it looked impressive either way!

Here’s a sample of the images from the day, and there are a lot more to show Val and Rohan when they get back from their honeymoon. Choosing the best for the album is going to be … um … interesting :)