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Wedding flowers with bride and bridesmaids

Choosing your wedding flowers is one of the most fun parts of wedding planning – it’s such an indulgent treat to carry around a stunning bouquet all day and to decorate your ceremony and reception with beautiful blooms. It’s also one aspect of wedding planning, where it really pays to hire a professional.

Professional florists know which flowers are in season so you can be assured that your flowers will last the entire day. They can also advise you on alternatives if you fave florals are unavailable and give invaluable advice about styling and size.
Natural photography of wedding bouquet

When it comes to the photography side of things, we love a spectacular bouquet as much as anyone, but not when it totally swamps the bride or is completely too heavy to hold for more than five minutes! We have a library full of cheeky images of groomsmen, chauffeurs and Jo (to be honest, mostly Jo!) carrying the flowers to give the bride’s aching arms a break!

There’s a lot to keep in mind, so we’ve put together our top 12 tips and tricks. And once you’re fully educated, our list of our favourite Melbourne florists.

Wedding bouquet closeup

1. What’s in season?

It’s important to consider the seasons when you’re choosing flowers for your bouquet. This will have a big impact on which flowers will last through the whole day. And the good news is, if your favourite blooms won’t be in season, there’s plenty of clever substitutes that achieve the same look. Garden roses, which are available almost year-round, can often stand in for peonies, while hydrangeas can pose as sweet peas – just ask your florist for some recommendations.

2. Deep and meaningful

If you’re struggling to select your flowers, a good place to start can be to think about any particular flowers that mean something to you. For example, if your grandma grew roses in a particular colour, your florist may be able to incorporate them in your blooms for a lovely sentimental tribute.

3. Colour coordinated

Depending on which you book first, it’s a great idea to take a photos of your flowers to your invitation designer or vice versa, so both can be coordinated into your theme.

4. Think outside the bunch

We’ve noticed green and grey-blue succulents creeping into wedding bouquets in recent years with great success. They are an unusual and beautiful idea, either as a contrast to bright colours or as a compliment to muted cream and antique tones..

5. Drip dry

Your flowers will most likely to be delivered to you, standing in a vase of water to keep them fresh, which is great. But just keep a small handtowel or tea towel on hand to ask your bridesmaids to dry off the stems before you start your photographs, the last thing you want is to drip water on your dress!

6. Signed, sealed, delivered

Once your buttonhole flowers have been delivered, keep them safe by putting them in a quiet room of the house, out of direct sunlight (the laundry is usually a good bet), until you’re ready to put them on. Have some spare pins handy just in case you lose one or the ones the florist provided are too long for your lapels.

7. Just in case

Consider asking your florist to supply an extra buttonhole for the groom just in case the original flower gets completely crushed during the post-ceremony congratulatory hugs. It’s also a good idea if it’s a really hot or windy day.

8. Fake it till you make it

Faux flowers can be a great option if you’re worried about the weather or just want to enjoy your flowers for more than one day. If you choose a great florist, most people won’t even be able to tell! And the best part is, you can purchase them ahead of time to get really organised.

9. Icing on the cake

If you’re thinking of using fresh flowers on your wedding cake, ask your baker about their process. Will they collect flowers from your florist? Or will someone have to adorn the cake once it’s at the reception?

10. We belong together

When it comes to reception styling, think carefully about your venue when selecting your flowers and opt for arrangements that look like they belong. Loose clusters of wildflowers may look out of place in a formal ballroom the same way a glam grouping of all-white orchids wouldn’t seem right in a rustic setting.

11. Conversation starter

Tall floral centrepieces are a really great idea. Both to make a strong impact as you walk in the room, but more practically, so guests can actually see each other and chat across the table.

12. At the end of the night

Chat with your function coordinator and florist about whether your guests can take the table arrangements home at the end of the reception. A nice idea is to set up a table with some wrapping paper for guests to DIY or ask a trusted friend to wrap them up to hand out to close family and friends.

We hope these tips really help, but if you’re still not sure, talk to the real experts! These are a few of our favourite florist friends that we personally know – they all do a beautiful job, but just as importantly, are just lovely people to deal with:

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