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Ok, so we all hear about the downsides of getting married in winter, but with the right crowd, the right venue and a little bit of luck (oh, and of course the right photographer too! hehe) a winter wedding can be a truly beautiful thing. And I’ve got proof!

On Saturday evening, Tanya and Nick’s closest family and friends gathered on a practically-balmy winter evening at The Willows for an intimate wedding ceremony. Tanya’s mother walked her down the aisle to meet her grinning fiance and a very proud father who also doubled as the celebrant for their intimate candelit ceremony.

Photographically speaking, winter evenings mean no sunlight and lots of technical challenges, but for people like me with an odd obsession with interesting types of light, The Willows at this time of year is a virtual playground. From the spotlights on the tree which gives the building it’s name (just a guess there, but if I’m wrong it’s at least a massive coincidence!) to the streetlights and headlights on St Kilda Road, there is no shortage of colour or atmosphere for photography.

I’d love to post more than one, but I’ve promised Tanya and Nick that I’ll share the pictures with them personally after their honeymoon. Here’s a favourite in the meantime, and if you’d like to see more when the happy couple get home, just ‘like’ our facebook page or send me an email.