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Back as a young man, Danai would ride his bike to his part time job as a “dishie” at Hawthorn reception venue Leonda by the Yarra. Coming from Zimbabwe, Danai used to wonder about all the fun the guests were having while he was working away in the kitchen. Little did he know that just ten years later, the very same ballroom would be filled with his own family and friends helping him to celebrate his wedding to Melbourne girl Kirsten. Kirst and Danai met in a bar and while it was love at first sight for Danai, Kirst had a boyfriend at the time, so he was forced to be patient. It wasn’t until the following year that the pair got together and almost eight years later they were married by Kirst’s family friend Elly Foster on a scorching 43 degree day at Burnley Gardens. Zimbabweans believe that family is the backbone to happiness and success and they were certainly out in force for Kirst and Danai’s celebration from the songs and chants as Kirst walked down the aisle to the numerous dances the bridal party performed throughout the night. Kirst’s “St-Kilda tragic” parents even got their own song as they approached the microphone for their speech – no prizes for guessing which one! Kirst and Danai, it was a pleasure to witness how much you both truly love and care for each other. We loved your personal vows and the stories your parents told about the events in your life that brought you to this moment, even if Jen’s speech brought a few tears to my eye. We wish you guys all the happiness in the world. In the words of Danai’s fathers advice: “Spend time and do things together, this will bring happiness to both of you.” 2016-01-08_0001.jpg 2016-01-08_0002.jpg 2016-01-08_0003.jpg 2016-01-08_0004.jpg 2016-01-08_0005.jpg 2016-01-08_0006.jpg 2016-01-08_0007.jpg 2016-01-08_0008.jpg 2016-01-08_0009.jpg 2016-01-08_0010.jpg 2016-01-08_0011.jpg 2016-01-08_0012.jpg 2016-01-08_0013.jpg 2016-01-08_0014.jpg 2016-01-08_0015.jpg 2016-01-08_0016.jpg 2016-01-08_0017.jpg 2016-01-08_0018.jpg 2016-01-08_0019.jpg 2016-01-08_0020.jpg 2016-01-08_0021.jpg 2016-01-08_0022.jpg 2016-01-08_0023.jpg 2016-01-08_0024.jpg 2016-01-08_0025.jpg 2016-01-08_0026.jpg 2016-01-08_0027.jpg 2016-01-08_0028.jpg 2016-01-08_0029.jpg 2016-01-08_0030.jpg 2016-01-08_0031.jpg 2016-01-08_0032.jpg 2016-01-08_0033.jpg 2016-01-08_0034.jpg

Kirsten and Danai’s Dream Team:

Reception: Leonda by the Yarra | Celebrant: Elly Foster | Dress: Raffaele Ciuca | Chauffeur: Always Classic Cars | Cake: Nikos Cakes | Bonbonierre: Gingerbread Corner